Appellate, Equine & Family Law

Appellate Practice, Equine Law and Family Law offer unique challenges.  Each case is different with its own set of facts, circumstances and potential resolution.  Pederson Law Office offers experienced, compassionate and aggressive advocacy in these unique areas. 

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Appellate Practice


Adverse Ruling. Crimnal Judgment. Conviction at Trial. 

Paula is experienced in Appellate Practice, having written numerous appeals involving a variety of issues.  She has argued before the South Dakota Supreme Court.  And most imprtantly...


You have only a short period of time to file an appeal of the Judgment against you, 30 days for felony cases and 10 days for misdemeanor cases. Call Paula today to get your notice filed.

Equine Law


As a horse owner, Paula understands that unique relationship between you and your horse.  Most Equine legal questions involve contracts; creating them, revising them, and interpreting them.  Whether you buy, sell, board, breed or need to register your horse, Paula may be able to help you.


If you have a question or need some advice regarding a legal issue with your horse, Call Paula, she may be abe to help.


~ Photo Credit: Lori Ann Thwing.

~ Friesian stallion Tonjes 459 Sport, owned by Kettle Creek Friesians of Ontario Canada.

Family Law


Guardianships. Adoptions. Name Changes. Simple Divorce. Simple Wills.

Disagreements and conflict involving family is never easy.  Paula understands and approaches each case with understanding and compassion.  If you have a concern or question involving a Family Law issue, Call Paula today.  She may be able to help.