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Criminal and Juvenile Law.

Criminal Law, DUI Law and Juvenile Law are complex areas of the law. The consequences of criminal allegations, charges and/ or convictions can be life changing. Pederson Law Office offers experienced, compassionate and aggressive advocacy in these complicated areas. 

Crime scene for a criminal law attorney in Rapid City, SD

Criminal Law


Whether you, a friend or a family member are suspected of a crime or have already been charged with a crime, Call Paula NOW! 


You have rights and need an aggressive advocate to protect those rights.  Paula is an experienced Criminal Defense attorney who can fight for you and be your voice.  Over the course of her career, there is very little she has not handled from simple misdemeanor assaults to rape and homicide.


And most importantly, Paula listens to you.  She brings compassion and understanding to her representation.  

Man who needs a DWI attorney in Rapid City, SD

Driving Under the Influence


Have you been arrested or stopped for a DUI?

Are you in danger of losing your Driver's License?  Or your Job?

Does the State say you have prior DUI's?

Driving Under the Influence Law can be confusing and convoluted.  Did you know that your driving privileges are intricately linked to DUI law? You can lose your driver's license and may be subject to daily breath testing after a DUI conviction.  Multiple DUI convictions over a ten to twenty five year period can result in serious prison time. 


DO NOT plead guilty to a DUI/ DWI without talking to a lawyer first.  Call Paula today to discuss your case! 

Man in handcuffs who needs a criminal law attorney in Rapid City, SD

Juvenile & Abuse/ Neglect & Children's Rights


If your child is suspected of a crime, charged with a crime or alleged to be in need of supervision, he or she needs a strong voice in Court.  Paula has been representing the needs of children in the Justice System for over eighteen years.  She is caring and compassionate and she will listen to your child. 


Has the State taken your child from your home?

Do the provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) apply to your case? 

Paula is a dedicated and experienced attorney in the area of Abuse and Neglect Law.  She is well versed on the provisions of ICWA and how it might apply to your case.  Do not let the State take your children without a fight.  Call Paula today to discuss your case.

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